Ian Fodie

Ian Fodie is MTI’s Chief Financial Officer.  He brings over 30 years of experience in high growth industries, including biotechnology, life sciences, entertainment, and exploration and development, with international activities focused on intangible and real properties.

Ian has a track record of identifying and improving profitability and operational sustainability, with more than 20 years of public company experience.  He brings commitment and creativity to everything that he undertakes to build efficient and effective teams focused on delivering timely and accurate information to drive business and strategic objectives for the benefits of all stakeholders.

Ian has significant international experience operating in New Zealand, Canada, United States, South America, and Asia, requiring strong project management & financing acumen.

He also has been instrumental in leading and negotiating multiple rounds of financing transactions in public markets, private placements, and debt financings.

He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce at Otago University in New Zealand; received his designation as a Chartered Accountant (New Zealand) in 1987; and has resided in Canada since 1989.