Our Technology

Metabolomic Technologies has an unique three-step platform for the development of metabolomics based diagnostic tests.

  1. Clinical data collection
  2. Biomarker selection
  3. Diagnostic test development and validation

The Science of Metabolomics

Metabolomics is a technology that can define the chemical phenotype of living organisms. There are more than 40,000 small molecule metabolites in the human body. These metabolites provide useful information about a patient's current health. Metabolomics allows for the discovery of biomarkers that predict disease incidence, severity and progression, and sheds light on underlying mechanistic abnormalities.

Metabolomic Technologies is a leader in liquid chromotography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) based metabolomics, with the quest to understand disease and to provide diagnostics that meet the greatest unmet needs in healthcare.

The advantage that Metabolomic Technologies had early on is its clinical connection and its access, via a clinical study, to a large clinical sample repository that is well-characterized.

...combined with the power of AI

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of our technology. Metabolomic Technologies has applied techniques in machine learning to sift through large and complex datasets from our clinical trials. We use artificial intelligence to learn about disease, and predict clinical outcomes.  AI tools help us analyze bigger, more complex data faster and more consistently than would otherwise be possible. This results in a reliable, highly accurate approach to developing new diagnostic tools for doctors in the management of disease.

The innovation of Metabolomic Technologies, is in our ability to reduce the metabolite signature (using machine learning), to a small number of metabolites, while maintaining high accuracy in solving clinically relevant problems. This leads to groundbreaking new diagnostics, and innovative tests to manage disease.